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The ramblings of the 52 year old Rector of St. John's Episcopal Church of Detroit. Piety Hill refers to the old name for our neighborhood. The neighborhood has changed a great deal in the over 150 years we have been on this corner (but not our traditional biblical theology) and it is now known for the neighboring theatres, the professional baseball and football stadiums and new hockey/basketball arena.

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Friday, February 12, 2010

Thanks for all the compliments

By God's grace I have lost quite a bit of weight since November (started in earnest on the 150th Anniversary of the founding of the parish). I am eating Low Carb (pretty much along the Atkins New Diet Revoltion tradition) which works very well for me and is recommended to me by my physician. I have also been doing an exercise program called P90X. It is an hour to hour and a half workout, 6 days a week: push-ups, pull-ups, weightlifting, cardio, yoga, kenpo karate, etc.
Info on P90X can be found here

So my clothes are much looser, I am feeling much more fit, and my Cholesterol, at the last check at the end of December was 140.

I have a goal - to start rowing again, probably by summer.

But it is hard to be boastful or proud of the progress - it is my own fault I got so far OUT of shape.

But thank you for the compliments. Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam (all to the greater glory of God!).