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Thursday, June 25, 2009

Catching up on baseball AND rowing

It has been a busy spring because of Little League Baseball!

I was elected to the board of our local little league, and in charge of the concession stand. This has kept Jennifer and I busy, particularly in the beginning Jennifer did lots of planning and organizing. Since then I have done most of the shopping - they have gotten to know me pretty well at Sam's Club and Dearborn Meats!

Sam and Andrew's team had an aweful year. We only won 3 games out of 18, including three play-off losses. In addition to this, despite Andrew having a team leading batting average and on base percentage he wasn't always an every inning player, didn't get to pitch except once in the second to last game, and never caught in a game (he caught in every game, most innings, last year). We did have other good catchers on the team. 5 kids on the team, all with lower batting averages and on-base percentages made the tournament teams in the 10, 11, and 12 year old groups but Andrew did not. I am really annoyed by this and will have to consider whether Andrew should bother to play little league at all next year. He perhaps should just play Fed Ball.
Sam got to pitch quite a bit, mostly as a finisher, and developed a wicked curve ball that had kids reaching out and swinging at air! At the beginning of the year Sam was talking about this being his last year playing baseball since it is the last year, age-wise, he can play little league. But he was greatly encouraged by the assistant coach Dave Feys in his pitching and is considering playing again next year.
Here is a video of Sam pitching this year
And Andrew playing third base
I didn't get a chance to video tape them much because I was the scorekeeper for the team.

William's team is having a GREAT run! They are in game three of the Double A local little league world series, having split the first two games. William's bat was ice cold all season, but when the play offs started so did his bat! He averages 2 or more hits a game since then, and for multiple bases too. And he has been pitching as well. And of course, winning is fun!
Here is William hitting
and William pitching

Sam and Andrew have started rowing. They are taking a class on learning to row at the Detroit Boat Club's crew team. The DBC proper has been closed a long time, but the rowing team continues to use the crumbling building. This is very exciting for me since I was a rower in high school and college. They are really enjoying it.
The question is, will they be as interested in the Spring when practices are at 5:30am???
The boys rowing
The Detroit Boat Club building tour

So that catches us up on the boys - baseball and rowing.
Now off to do some hospital calling....

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