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Saturday, September 16, 2006

The irony of the reaction

I find it ironic the reaction by some muslims to Pope Benedict's recent statement. Quoting a 14th Century dialogue between a Christian Prince and a Muslim, as the vatican statement asserts "The message he is sending is very, very clear," Taft said. "Violence in the name of faith is never acceptable in any religion and that (the pope) considers it his duty to challenge Islam and anyone else on this."

But the reaction to pointing out the violence of what is asserted is a 'peaceful' religion was to rile up followers at Friday worship so they would go out and protest and riot. The reaction of the followers of 'peaceful' religion is
"The pope and Vatican proved to be Zionists and that they are far from Christianity, which does not differ from Islam. Both religions call for forgiveness, love and brotherhood," Shiite cleric Sheik Abdul-Kareem al-Ghazi said during a sermon in Iraq's second-largest city, Basra.

Which leads to
In the West Bank, firebombs left black scorch marks on the walls and windows of a Greek Orthodox and an Anglican church in the city of Nablus. In a phone call to The Associated Press, a group calling itself the "Lions of Monotheism" claimed responsibility.


Does anyone else see the irony? The one they claim is the prophet of peace, when put in a cartoon with bombs, some riot and destroy over it? And now this? In another article I saw yesterday, which I can't find now, there was a quote by a Muslim leader saying they would never say anything to discredit the prophet Jesus. Yet by deigning His Divinity they do so every time they mention him! Yet no one expects to see Christians heading into the streets protesting and bombing mosques!

There is a solution which seems to continue to be overlooked. If we believe Jesus Christ is Lord (and He is!), and He is the Truth (He is!), and that he has commissioned us to go out into the world and tell the entire world he is Lord (the great commission) baptizing them...then anything that contradicts that is wrong! He cannot be the Son of God and NOT the Son of God at the same time.

The LEAST we should be doing is praying regularly for the conversion of the world to Christ and His Church! Be assured the Muslims would love to convert us (whether by the sword as some claim the Koran says, or not) - read Jill Carrolls account of the pressure on her to convert in her captivity, chronicled in the Christian Science Monitor.

Here is a Prayer Book Collect to get started! p. 38

Almighty God, whose compassions fail not, and whse loving-kindness reachest unto the world's end; We give thee humble thanks for opening heathen lands to the light of thy truth; for making paths in the deep waters and highways in the desert; and for planting thy Church in all the earth. Grant, we beseech thee, unto us thy servants, that with lively faith we may labour abundantly to make known to all men thy blessed gift of eternal life; through Jesus Christ our Lord.